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R13B1 Refrigerant Gas,R-13B1 has properties that allow it work well in low temperature refrigeration systems with application temperatures from -40°F down to -60°F. R-13B1 was used in applications colder than R-22

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R13B1 Refrigerant Gas,R-13B1 has properties that allow it work well in low temperature refrigeration systems with application temperatures from -40°F down to -60°F. R-13B1 was used in applications colder than R-22 while maintaining reasonable operating pressures, good capacity, and lower discharge temperatures in standard refrigeration equipment designs. In most cases, R-13B1 systems can be retrofitted to R-403B with adjustments in charge size, capillary tube length, and will result in lower suction pressures.

The evaporator will operate in a vacuum when the low side temperature is below -55°F. The original lubricants can be used with R-403B, along with any additives the manufacturer may recommend.
The high stage evaporator provides the correct condensation temperature for the low stage so that compressors in both stages can run at “normal” pressures.

R13B1 Refrigerant Gas

Replacement for R13B1 Refrigerant Gas: 

410A provides comparable performance toR-13B1 in most very low temperature (VLT)applications. R-13B1 is an ozone-depleting refriger-ant and production has ceased as mandated by theMontreal Protocol and other legislation. 
 410A offers similar performance to R-13B1 in existingsystems, however some equipment modificationsmay be required. In addition, new equipment can be designed to take advantage of the refrigeration properties of Suva
 410A. This bulletin will discussthe general properties and operating characteristicsof Suva
410A in VLT refrigeration applicationswhich currently use R-13B1. These systemstypically use single or multistage compressors andmany use cooling water, chilled water or air for thecondenser. Typical evaporator temperature range isfrom –40°C (–40°F) to –65°C (–85°F). In addition,some cascade systems use R-13B1 in the lowstage. For these systems, Suva
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Packaging and Supply

  • Lunxabrefrigeration supply R-448A in 10kg, 19kg or 53kg returnable cylinders.
  • Conforms to AHRI 700-2016 specifications.


Composition HFC-32/HFC-125/R-1234yf/HFC-134a/HFO-1234ze(E) – 26/26/20/21/7% mass
Chemical Formula CH2F2/CHF2CF3/CF3CF=CH2/CF3CH2F/CHF=CHCF3 (trans)
Molecular Mass 86.28
Boiling Point (at 1 Atmosphere) -46.1°C
Dew Point (at 1 Atmosphere) -39.9°C
Saturated Liquid Density at 25°C 1097.2 kg/m³
Saturated Vapour Density at 1.013bar 4.703 kg/m³
Saturated Liquid Pressure at 25°C 12.876 bar
Saturated Liquid Pressure at 50°C 23.728 bar
Critical Temperature 82.7°C
Critical Pressure 45.945 bar
Critical Density 477.3 kg/m³
Critical Volume 0.00210 m³/kg
Latent Heat of vapourisation at 1.013bar 241.5 kJ/kg
Thermal Conductivity of Liquid at 25°C 81.2 mW/(m.K)
Thermal Conductivity of Vapour at 25°C & 1.013bar 13.6 mW/(m.K)
Surface tension at 25°C 5.96 mN/m
Viscosity of Liquid at 25°C 0.138 mPa.s
Viscosity of Vapour at 25°C & 1.013bar 0.012 mPa.s
Specific heat of liquid at 25°C 1.555 kJ/(kg.K)
Specific heat of vapour at 25°C and 1.013bar 0.8497 kJ/(kg.K)
Cp/Cv ratio at 25° and 1.013 bar 1.141
Lower Fammability Limit (LFL) in air (EN 378) None
Flash Point None
ISO 817 / ASHRAE 34 Safety Classification A1
PED Fluid Group 2
Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) 0
Global Warming Potential (GWP) IPCC AR4/IPCC AR5 1387/1273

How R-448A compare to R-404A?

R-448A has a similar cooling capacity with improved energy efficiency compared to R‑404A. In many cases the compressor discharge temperature will not be a concern but for some low temperature applications, under the same operating conditions,R‑448A will exhibit a significantly higher compressor discharge temperature than R‑404A which, in a retrofit situation, may need to be managed.

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