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R438A Gas Available

Buy R438A Refrigerant Gas From Us,R438A is a non-ozone depleting HFC based refrigerant designed for the replacement of R22 in refrigeration and air conditioning direct expansion systems. R438A offers similar performance to R22.Buy R438A Refrigerant Gas,Where to buy R438A Refrigerant Gas.How to buy R438A Refrigerant Gas.

Buy R438A Refrigerant Gas,R438A is a non-ozone depleting HFC based refrigerant designed for the replacement of R22 in refrigeration and air conditioning direct expansion systems. R438A offers similar performance to R22.

R438A Refrigerant Gas Characteristics

• Capacity and energy efficiency is equivalent to R22
• Use of polyolester oil is recommended (contact OEM for more information)
• Refrigerant must be charged from the liquid phase to ensure accurate composition
• As with any retrofit, consideration should be given to all seals and gaskets and should be replaced at the time of retrofit.

R438A Refrigerant Gas

Available Sizes

H438012                             12kg Cylinder

H438060                            60kg Cylinder

Safety and materials handling

Safety Class :Non-flammable (A1) and non-ozone depleting, Allows for use of existing equipment.

R438A Refrigerant Gas (FREON™ MO99)

R438A is an easy to use, non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerant blend.  It is ideally suited as an R22 replacement for all air conditioning and chiller applications with performance, capacity, mass flow and pressure characteristics a close match for R22.  It has advantages over R422D where the expansion valve has a fixed orifice or is closely sized to the capacity of the system, whilst it has better capacity compared to R417A.

This product is compatible with traditional and new lubricants, providing a quick, easy and cost effective retrofit, and can be topped up during service without removing the entire refrigerant charge.  As R438A is a blend, it should always be removed from the cylinder as a liquid when charging the system.

APPLICATIONS: Commercial air conditioning / Heat pumps / Dx refrigeration
GWP:  2264

MO99 R438A, Drop-In R22 Replacement Refrigerant 25 LB

The Alternative to R-22 Freon? M099 is the closest match to R-22 operating pressures and mass flow rates when compared to other *no-oil change*
replacements. The use of MO99 will minimize system component changes. Freon*
MO99 Meets regulatory requirements Closest capacity to R-22 with comparable energy efficiency Best match to R-22 operating pressures Extends life of existing equipment Closest mass flow; best compatibility with existing A/C cap tubes and fixed metering devices Name Chemours D12860273 – Freon*
MO99 refrigerant (R438A) 25lb Cylinder ….
Item Number R438A Manufacturer Product Number D12860273 SKU – PIM Number 1366804064736 ERP Number 313743
Unit of Measure EA Weight 28.0 Pounds (Lb) Length 9.5 Inches (In) Width 9.5 Inches (In) Height 17.0 Inches (In) Country of Origin USA Brand *
Refrigerant R-438a Application Low-Medium-High temperature systems Composition Pentafluoroethane (HFC-125) 45%, 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a) 44.2% Container Type Cylinder Size 25 Pound Trade Names R-43

Application: Medium and low temp refrigeration applications, appliances. Retrofitting R-12 or blends used to previously retrofit R-12 systems.Performance: Similar capacity and efficiency to R-12. Higher pressures, similar to R-401A and R-409A

Lubricant: R-450A requires polyolester (POE) lubricant. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for changing mineral oil to POE.

R-438A, 25 lb, HFC Container Refrigerant

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