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R500 Refrigerant Gas,R500 is a colorless and odorless CFC refrigerant that was completely banned from production under the Montreal Protocol for depleting the ozone.

R500 Refrigerant Gas For Sale

R500 is a refrigerant blend that consists of CFC R12 and HFC R152a. Refrigerant 500 is commonly used in commercial air conditioning and ventilation applications. Additionally, R500 can be found in heating, chilling, and some dehumidifiers.Looking for a refrigerant reclaimer near you? Refrigerant Finders pays top dollar for your used Freon through our nationwide refrigerant buyback program.

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R500 is a colorless and odorless CFC refrigerant that was completely banned from production under the Montreal Protocol for depleting the ozone. R500 is used in commercial air conditioning and in some dehumidifier applications. It Is high-pressured and typically stored in yellow containers.

R500 Refrigerant Gas

R500 Refrigerant Gas Chemical Name:

N/A; R-12 / R-152a mixed refrigerant

Other Names:
CFC-500, Freon™-500, Genetron®-500, Forane®-500.

Most Common Replacements:
R400 series blends (HCFCs), being phased out in 2020 for the United States and other developed countries.
R134a (HFC), currently being phased down in the USA.

Application: Medium and low temp refrigeration applications, appliances. Retrofitting R-12 or blends used to previously retrofit R-12 systems.Performance: Similar capacity and efficiency to R-12. Higher pressures, similar to R-401A and R-409A

Lubricant: R-450A requires polyolester (POE) lubricant. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for changing mineral oil to POE.


• Suitable low GWP retrofit replacement for R134a in DX supermarket refrigeration applications, R450A delivers a comparable carbon footprint in medium temperature applications
• Polyolester oil is recommended with R450A to ensure adequate oil return
• The same POE oil as R134a can be used with minimal adjustment to TX valves
• The small glide of R450A is of no effect in most DX systems
• Slightly reduced capacity compared to R134a
• Highly efficient when used in systems designed for R450A

How R-448A compare to R-404A?

R-448A has a similar cooling capacity with improved energy efficiency compared to R‑404A. In many cases the compressor discharge temperature will not be a concern but for some low temperature applications, under the same operating conditions,R‑448A will exhibit a significantly higher compressor discharge temperature than R‑404A which, in a retrofit situation, may need to be managed.Full theoretical performance comparisons at customer specified conditions are available from Lunxabrefrigeration on request.

Packaging and Supply

  • Lunxabrefrigeration supply R-448A in 10kg, 19kg or 53kg returnable cylinders.
  • Conforms to AHRI 700-2016 specifications.

R500 Refrigerant Gas Properties

Composition HFC-32/HFC-125/R-1234yf/HFC-134a/HFO-1234ze(E) – 26/26/20/21/7% mass
Chemical Formula CH2F2/CHF2CF3/CF3CF=CH2/CF3CH2F/CHF=CHCF3 (trans)
Molecular Mass 86.28
Boiling Point (at 1 Atmosphere) -46.1°C
Dew Point (at 1 Atmosphere) -39.9°C
Saturated Liquid Density at 25°C 1097.2 kg/m³
Saturated Vapour Density at 1.013bar 4.703 kg/m³
Saturated Liquid Pressure at 25°C 12.876 bar
Saturated Liquid Pressure at 50°C 23.728 bar
Critical Temperature 82.7°C
Critical Pressure 45.945 bar
Critical Density 477.3 kg/m³
Critical Volume 0.00210 m³/kg
Latent Heat of vapourisation at 1.013bar 241.5 kJ/kg
Thermal Conductivity of Liquid at 25°C 81.2 mW/(m.K)
Thermal Conductivity of Vapour at 25°C & 1.013bar 13.6 mW/(m.K)
Surface tension at 25°C 5.96 mN/m
Viscosity of Liquid at 25°C 0.138 mPa.s
Viscosity of Vapour at 25°C & 1.013bar 0.012 mPa.s
Specific heat of liquid at 25°C 1.555 kJ/(kg.K)
Specific heat of vapour at 25°C and 1.013bar 0.8497 kJ/(kg.K)
Cp/Cv ratio at 25° and 1.013 bar 1.141
Lower Fammability Limit (LFL) in air (EN 378) None
Flash Point None
ISO 817 / ASHRAE 34 Safety Classification A1
PED Fluid Group 2
Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) 0
Global Warming Potential (GWP) IPCC AR4/IPCC AR5 1387/1273

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