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Buy Quality R508A Refrigerant Gas For Sale

Buy Quality R508A Refrigerant Gas For Sale,R508A Refrigerant Gas,R508B is an azeotropic blend of non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerants (R23 and R116).

Refrigerant available: R-22, R-23, R-32, R-134a, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-407F, R-410A, R-507, R-508B, R-600a, R-290, R-1234yf and mixed refrigerant

Buy Low Price R508A Refrigerant Gas

R508A Refrigerant Gas,R508B is an azeotropic blend of non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerants (R23 and R116).  It has similar properties to R503 and is used for very low temperature applications, such as environmental test chambers and medical freezers.

Although R508B is an azeotrope, we recommend it should always be removed from the cylinder as a liquid when charging the system.  R508B is not compatible with mineral oil, and equipment manufacturers recommend Polyol Ester (POE) oil – see our Lubricants section.

R508A Refrigerant Gas

Buy R508A Refrigerant Gas

R508B can also be used to retrofit existing systems containing R503, however it will be necessary to change the oil to POE.Buy R508A Refrigerant Gas

It has a GWP greater than 2500 and virgin product cannot be used for servicing in the UK and EU in stationary refrigeration applications > 40 CO2 T eq. There is an exemption for systems operating below -50 degrees C.

R508A is suitable as a high pressure refrigerant for applications in the low temperature sector. Cooling temperature of R-508A can be reduced to -80 degrees Celsius or even lower
Product name
Molecular weight
Boiling point (1atm),℃
Critical temperature ,℃
Critical pressure, KPa
-Saturated vapor pressure(25℃),KPa
Heat of Vaporization(bp,1atm, KJ/Kg)
GWP,100 yr
ASHRAE Security Level


Composition HFC-32/HFC-125/R-1234yf/HFC-134a/HFO-1234ze(E) – 26/26/20/21/7% mass
Chemical Formula CH2F2/CHF2CF3/CF3CF=CH2/CF3CH2F/CHF=CHCF3 (trans)
Molecular Mass 86.28
Boiling Point (at 1 Atmosphere) -46.1°C
Dew Point (at 1 Atmosphere) -39.9°C
Saturated Liquid Density at 25°C 1097.2 kg/m³
Saturated Vapour Density at 1.013bar 4.703 kg/m³
Saturated Liquid Pressure at 25°C 12.876 bar
Saturated Liquid Pressure at 50°C 23.728 bar
Critical Temperature 82.7°C
Critical Pressure 45.945 bar
Critical Density 477.3 kg/m³
Critical Volume 0.00210 m³/kg
Latent Heat of vapourisation at 1.013bar 241.5 kJ/kg
Thermal Conductivity of Liquid at 25°C 81.2 mW/(m.K)
Thermal Conductivity of Vapour at 25°C & 1.013bar 13.6 mW/(m.K)
Surface tension at 25°C 5.96 mN/m
Viscosity of Liquid at 25°C 0.138 mPa.s
Viscosity of Vapour at 25°C & 1.013bar 0.012 mPa.s
Specific heat of liquid at 25°C 1.555 kJ/(kg.K)
Specific heat of vapour at 25°C and 1.013bar 0.8497 kJ/(kg.K)
Cp/Cv ratio at 25° and 1.013 bar 1.141
Lower Fammability Limit (LFL) in air (EN 378) None
Flash Point None
ISO 817 / ASHRAE 34 Safety Classification A1
PED Fluid Group 2
Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) 0
Global Warming Potential (GWP) IPCC AR4/IPCC AR5 1387/1273

R-508A is intended for very-low-temperature refrigeration systems, typically the low stage of a multi-stage system. R-508B has properties similar to R-503 and can be used to replace either R-13 or R503 in an existing system.

Use R508A or B depends on the degrees of cooling temperature you needs, we can customize the blending ratio according to your working conditions

R508B is an HFC/PFC (Perfluorocarbon) blend designed to be a replacement for R503 or R13 in very low-temperature refrigeration systems, such as environmental chambers and biomedical freezers.

R508A Refrigerant Gas Replaces.
R-13, R-23, and R-503

Very low temperature [below -40°F to -150°F (-40°C to -101°C)]:
medical freezers
environmental chambers

Endorsed by many OEMs.
Longer equipment life: Lower discharge temperature than R-23, increases compressor service life.
Increased cooling capacity: 30% greater cooling capacity than R-13.
Best match for R-503.
Lower retrofit cost than R-23.

Lubricant Recommendation

Refillable seamless steel gas cylinders: 3.5kg, 8kg,  30kg,
Refillable welded steel gas cylinder: 380kg/cylinder, 16cylinder/20″DG

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